The principals of MMC are oil and gas industry professionals. The primary areas of experience of these principals has been obtained in connection with the practice of law and through the ownership and management of oil and gas companies involved in the acquisition, ownership, development, and operation of oil and gas properties. This experience has provided a broad background and working knowledge of matters dealt with on a daily basis by land, legal, and division order departments.

There are many seminars and conventions conducted by professional and commercial organizations that provide training in many aspects of land, legal, and division order matters. However, these programs may not address particular concerns or needs for information by all company personnel. MMC makes available the service of providing in-house training programs or workshops tailored to the particular needs of a company and its staff and personnel responsible for land, legal, and division order matters.

Each training program or workshop can be designed to provide information to enhance employee performance by increasing knowledge and understanding, at a pace more rapid than acquired through “hands on experience.” Because each training program or workshop is unique, planning is critical to its success. The planning phase involves determining the systems and methods utilized by the company, its particular areas of inquiry or need for a program or workshop, and soliciting all questions and identifying all topics of interest staff members may have, or would deem beneficial to enhance their knowledge of oil and gas, land, legal, and division order matters and issues.

The cost of an in-house training session or workshop is in large part dependent upon the scope, depth, and time of training and presentation requested. However, it is anticipated that when compared to the cost of registration, travel, transportation, lodging, and meals for other conferences or seminars, and considering that each session can be planned to enable all employees to attend, it is anticipated a significant cost savings to the company, with substantially greater benefits from the training session, will be obtained.

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