Thank you for your interest in Mineral Management Consultants. While the concept of mineral management is not unique, the principals of MINERAL MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS (“MMC”) believe, as a result of their combined background, experience, and capabilities, they are able to provide their clients the opportunity to obtain a wide variety of quality professional services, from one source, to assist in the management of their oil, gas and mineral related assets.

The client services available from MMC are tailored to meet each client’s particular management objectives and needs. This web site is divided into several categories, each of which present a generalized client and service “profile.” MMC can provide assistance and services relating to the management of royalty and mineral interests (producing and nonproducing), leasehold interests (working interests and overriding royalty interests), or surface interests, which are affected by oil, gas, and mineral exploration, development, and production activities (referred to in this discussion as “Oil and Gas Properties” or “Properties”). This site will hopefully enable you, a prospective client, to easily select one or more of the following categories which most closely identifies with your mineral management needs.


This client category includes persons (and their agents, attorneys, and representatives) who for their own account, as an owner of a company, or as a general partner or trustee of a family partnership or trust, own or are responsible for the management and supervision of Oil and Gas Properties.


This client category includes Trusts and Foundations (with either individuals or corporate entities serving as trustees and directors), and their agents, attorneys, and representatives, which are responsible for the management, supervision, and control of asset portfolios comprised in whole or in part of Oil and Gas Properties. Trusts and Foundations are designated as a separate category due to the high fiduciary standards imposed on their trustees or directors.


This client category includes individuals and entities (and their agents, attorneys, and representatives) involved in the acquisition of Oil and Gas Properties, as well as lenders providing financing for such acquisitions.


This client category includes individuals and entities, and their agents, attorneys and representatives, involved in the sale of Oil and Gas Properties.


This client category includes trustees, and their agents, attorneys, and representatives, responsible for reorganizations or other bankruptcy proceedings, or individual or corporate trustees responsible for the management and control of Oil and Gas Properties to be acquired or which have been acquired through foreclosure proceedings.


This group is not categorized separately, but rather is included as a component of each client category. MMC recognizes that Individual Owners, Trusts and Foundations, Buyers, Sellers, and Receivers oftentimes have established relationships with advisors, attorneys, accountants and other professionals that provide valuable services. In such instances, the services of MMC are not intended to displace these professionals, but rather to complement the services already being rendered, by providing information and assistance, on an as-needed basis, in areas where there is a specific or particular need to enable an Agent, Attorney, or Representative to provide mineral management services for its clients.

If an Individual Owner, Trust, Foundation, Buyer, Seller, or Receiver does not have an established relationship with professionals providing any of the services offered by MMC, our goal is to fill that need.


This service category includes the preparation and presentation of “in-house” seminars and training sessions for a client’s staff and personnel, tailored to meet a client’s particular needs.


The fees of MMC are determined by the services requested by a client and the scope, size, and complexity of the project. A fee schedule can be established following an introductory meeting and discussion of the client’s particular needs.


Additional information about the scope, type, and availability of services provided by MMC can be obtained from Oran H. Berry, III. He can be contacted personally, at the phone number, address, fax number, or e-mail address provided.

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